Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro      7.0


At 32 litres a minute the Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro is ideal for 3+ bathroom homes. It is one of the most efficient heaters on the Australian market today.

Known as a condensing unit, the Rinnai Infinity 32 Envir0 is basically a standard Rinnai Infinity 26 with an additional heat exchanger to extract that last bit of heat from the gas exhaust. This is used to preheat the incoming cold water and allows the unit to use roughly 10% less gas than a standard Infinity 32


7 Star equivalent rating

  • Low running costs as with all continuous flow gas heaters and more importantly a lower environmental impact
  • Inbuilt Energy Recovery System (Condensing Technology)
  • Available only as 60C unit and requires a tempering valve for domestic use
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Full electronic control
  • Compatible with all controllers
  • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
  • Compact design allows installation flexibility
  • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures (3 Star – 7.0 to 9.0 l/min)

3 Year parts and labour and 12 year warranty on heat exchanger



Dimensions (mm) : Height 670
Dimensions (mm) : Width 470
Dimensions (mm) : Depth 283
Colours Titanium
Factory Default Temperature (Celsius) 60
Water Pressure (kPa) : Minimum 220
Water Pressure (kPa) : Maximum 1000
Gas Rate Min/Max (Mj/h) : NG 10/211
Flow Rate 25 Degrees C/Max : l/min 32/37
Star Rating 7.0 (equiv)
Connection Sizes Gas/Hot/Cold (mm) 20/20/20
Status Monitor Yes
Dimensions (mm) : Height Inc Brackets 722
Dimensions (mm) : Hot Water Outlet (From Wall) 115
Dimensions (mm) : Hot Water Outlet (Left from Centre) 100
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Water Inlet (From Wall) 80
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Water Inlet (Right from Centre) 28
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection (From Wall) 104
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection (Right from Centre) 103
Dimensions (mm) : Condensate Outlet (From Wall) 138
Dimensions (mm) : Condensate Outlet (From Centre) 195
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection Length (From Base) 40
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Connection Length (From Base) 50
Dimensions (mm) : Condensate Connection (From Base) 22
Dimensions (mm) : Condensate Fitting Diameter 15
Weight (kg) 32
Hot Connection Length (from base) 41

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