$500 Cashback when you switch from electric to gas hot water

Don’t Miss Out!

If you switch from an electric or old solar storage hot water system to a continuous flow hot water heater such as a Rinnai Infinity, Bosch Professional or many others before March 31st 2015 you are eligible for a $500 EFTPOS card to use at any EFTPOS terminal across Australia courtesy of Jemena, the natural gas network supplier.

All that is required is that you have the installation completed by March 31st 2015, retain your tax invoice for the heater and installation along with a Certificate of Compliance which we supply on all work. Send these in and receive your $500 EFTPOS card a couple weeks later!!!

In most cases this means it is actually cheaper to replace your old electric storage heater with 6 star efficiency continuous flow gas heater!!!

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